15 Interesting Facts about ‘Tiger’ in English | Short Essay on Tiger | 10 terrific tiger facts for kids


1. The ‘Tiger’ is the national animal of India.
2. The tiger was adopted as the national animal by the Indian Board for Wildlife in 1972 in place of the lion.
3. It was selected as a national animal because of its presence in larger parts of the country.
4. It is the symbol of India’s wealth of wildlife.
5. It has a strong body that is brownish with black stripes on it.
6. It has a long tail. Its padded feet have sharp claws.
7. There are four teeth, two in the upper jaw and two in the lower, which are much larger and longer than the rest.
8. The tiger belongs to the cat family. It looks like a big cat.
9. tigers are generally found in the forests.
10. It is fond of blood and flesh. It is a very cruel and ferocious wild animal.
11. Out of the eight races of the species known, the Indian race, the Royal Bengal Tiger is found throughout the country (except the north-western region) and also in neighboring countries like Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh.
12. To protect the tigers in India, ‘Project Tiger’ was launched in 1973.
13. Since the launch of ‘Project Tiger, the tiger population has shown a gradual increase.
14. So far, 23 tiger reserves have been established in the country under this project.
15. In India, tiger killing has been prohibited by the Government.  

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